Handpicked Kindle Books for Feb 10 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – Western/Historical Wednesday

Here are our eBook picks for Wednesday, February 10. Today we’re featuring books in the western, historical, and western/historical romance genres.

Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson

Genre(s): Western, Religious, Historical

Hannah is desperate for help…William is determined to regain his family’s land…When her father disappears in war-torn Mississippi, Hannah Dandridge finds herself responsible not only for her younger siblings but also for the Texas ranch her father recently acquired. A marriage of convenience could ease her predicament… but is it the true desire of her heart? Wounded soldier William Barnett returns home only to find out that his family’s ranch has been seized. Though angered at this turn of events, he’s surprised to discover that it is a beautiful young woman with amazing fortitude who is struggling… (more)

Ruby by Lauraine Snelling

Genre(s): Historical, Western, Religious

Ruby Torvald and her young sister, Opal, have received an inheritance from their long-lost father who left home years ago to seek his fortune in the Black Hills. When they leave their comfortable situation in Chicago and arrive at the mining town of Medora to claim their inheritance, the sisters discover that rather than the legacy of gold they expected, their father has left them a shocking bequest. Ruby’s bold determination in the face of scandal leads the reader on a journey both heartwarming and inspiring… (more)

Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence by Jean Gill

Genre(s): Historical

1150: Provence. On the run from abuse, Estela wakes in a ditch with only her lute, her amazing voice, and a dagger hidden in her underskirt. Her talent finds a patron in Alienor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the Queen’s finest troubadour and Commander of the Guard, Dragonetz los Pros. Weary of war, Dragonetz uses Jewish money and Moorish expertise to build that most modern of inventions, a papermill, arousing the wrath of the Church. Their enemies gather, ready to light the political and religious powder-keg of medieval Narbonne. Set in the period following the… (more)

Ghosts of Tsavo by Vered Ehsani

Genre(s): Paranormal, Historical, Thriller

Armed with Victorian etiquette, a fully loaded walking stick and a dead husband, Beatrice Knight arrives in colonial Kenya desperate for a pot of tea and a pinch of cinnamon. But she’ll need more than that if she’s to unravel the mystery of the Ghosts of Tsavo without being eaten in the process. All this while surviving the machinations of her best friend’s dashing godfather and the efforts of her safari guide to feed her to any lion willing to drag her away. What is a ghost-chasing widow to do… (more)

Blood of Pioneers by Michelle Isenhoff

Genre(s): Western

Hannah craves excitement, but all local adventures dried up long ago, when her parents unpacked their wagon on the Michigan frontier. Then war breaks out and her father and brother leave to fight the Confederacy. Hannah is left at home chafing under the boredom of never-ending chores–until unscrupulous speculators set their sights on the unmanned farm. The one place she longs to leave suddenly becomes the one place she’ll risk everything to save… (more)

The Jailer’s Son: The Legend Begins by S. A. Ferkey

Genre(s): Western

Maxwell Beck is no average boy. Thanks to his Pa’s insistence, he’s a sharpshooter, sleight of hand artist, acrobat, and cardsharp. These are handy, yet highly unusual skills for the son of a traveling salesman. Even so, Max thinks he’s living a normal life, until one fateful day when he inadvertently sets a chain of monumental events in motion.Just days after his Ma dies, Max accidentally shoots his Pa. It’s then that Max learns a secret about his past that will change his life forever, and maybe even chase him to the ends of the earth.Max’s Pa might… (more)

A Winter’s Knight: A Regency Romance by Elizabeth Cole

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

A wounded British army captain tries to find love in the face of his self-doubt…Phoebe Hartridge runs into serious danger on an icy winter evening. But her rescuer, the mysterious Anthony Sterling, immediately melts her heart and makes her dream of a life beyond her tiny, sheltered world. The more she gets to know him, the more she senses he is hiding something from her.When Captain Anthony Sterling was wounded in battle, he lost his leg, his fiancee, and any hope for happiness. Even the revelation that he is the heir to a fortune brought him nothing… (more)

The Viking by Marti Talbott

Genre(s): Historical

At not quite fifteen, Stefan’s father finally let him board the longship Sja Vinna to take part in his first Viking raid. Yet, the battle was not at all what he expected and he soon found himself alone and stranded in Scotland. Thirteen-year-old Kannak’s problem was just as grave. Her father deserted them and the only way to survive, she decided, was to take a husband over her mother’s objections. Suddenly she was helping a hated Viking escape. Could Kannak successfully hide a Viking in the middle of a Scottish Clan? And why was someone plotting to kill… (more)

The Collector of Dying Breaths: A Novel of Suspense by M. J. Rose

Genre(s): Thriller, Historical

Florence, Italy — 1533: An orphan named Rene le Florentin is plucked from poverty to become not only the greatest perfumer in the country, but also the most dangerous, creating deadly poisons for his Queen, Catherine de Medici, to use against her rivals. But while mixing herbs and essences under the light of flickering candles, Rene can’t begin to imagine the tragic and personal consequences for which his lethal potions will be responsible. Paris, France — The Present:Renowned mythologist Jac L’Etoile becomes obsessed with Rene le Florentin — who may have been working on an elixir that would unlock the secret to… (more)

Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles by Edward A. Grainger

Genre(s): Western

In 1880s Wyoming Territory, two Deputy U. S. Marshals find themselves on the outside of societal norms. Cash Laramie, raised by the Arapahos, is known as The Outlaw Marshal for his unorthodox conduct toward criminals and his cavalier approach to life. Gideon Miles, one of the first African Americans in the marshal service, is honorable, fearless, and unrivaled in his skills with guns, knives, and tracking.These independent, resourceful lawmen develop a bond, establishing a formidable defense in a wayward land where good and wicked is often hard to distinguish and life is as cheap as a two-bit game… (more)

Starpacker by Ben Bridges

Genre(s): Western

Hunter took his Colt from leather and checked it over one last time. He should have guessed his vengeance-quest would end in gunplay. Guns had played such a large part in it already; why shouldn’t they have the last word? He stepped outside. The street was deserted save for the man who’d called him out, who stood twenty yards away — the most dangerous gunfighter in the whole south-west.Hunter saw faces watching him through dusty windows, and wondered whose side they were on. Did they care whether he survived this fight or died in the dust? He stepped… (more)

West to Bravo: A Western Novel by Eric H. Heisner

Genre(s): Western

One man finds himself torn between two cultures in this sweeping tale of frontier life in post–Civil War era Texas. In the years following the American War Between the States, the once vacated military presence in west Texas is on the rise to protect the waves of settlers moving into the region. Living peaceably with the Mescalero Apache, half-breed former military scout Holton Lang promotes the tentative harmony between the US cavalry and the Native American population. But when the delicate peace between the two nations is broken, Holton is asked to negotiate a new agreement with the… (more)

Lionheart by Martha Rofheart

Genre(s): Historical

Richard of England was known as ‘Lionheart’.He was a King unbeaten in battle.His sword carved out a godlike legend from the battlefields of France to the blood-soaked sands of the Holy Land.He was England’s most romantic and heroic king, a passionate and sensitive man, great warrior, poet and musician, and a charismatic leader, blindly adored by the knights he commanded, deeply loved by more than one woman.But one woman captured his heart.She was a woman unchallenged in the lists of love.Blondelza, as daringly independent as she was beautiful. She lived by her wits… (more)

Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch

Genre(s): Historical

Set in New York and Paris amid the glamorous and competitive worlds of art and real estate, Scorpio Rising takes the reader from the late 1940s to the 1960s through the tumultuous lives of its heroes.There is Alex Ivanov, the son of a Russian immigrant and part-time prostitute. He yearns to escape his sordid life and achieve fame and fortune. His dreams of becoming a world-class builder are met with countless obstacles, yet he perseveres in the hope of someday receiving the recognition he craves.Half a world away, Brigitte Dartois is an abused teenager who runs… (more)

The Messenger by Siri Mitchell

Genre(s): Historical, Religious

Hannah Sunderland felt content in her embrace of the Quaker faith… until her twin brother ran off and joined the army and ended up captured and in jail. Suddenly Hannah’s world turns on end. She longs to bring her brother some measure of comfort in the squalid, frigid prison where he remains. But the Quakers believe they are not to take sides, not to take up arms. Can she sit by and do nothing while he suffers? Jeremiah Jones has an enormous task before him. Responsibility for a spy ring is now his, and he desperately needs access to the… (more)