Handpicked Kindle Books for Jun 24 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – Fantasy Friday

Here are our eBook picks for Friday, June 24. Today we’re featuring books in the mystery/thriller/suspense genres.

Marking Time by April White

Genre(s): Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old tagger Saira Elian can handle anything… a mother who mysteriously disappears, a stranger who stalks her around London, and even the noble English Grandmother who kicked Saira and her mother out of the family. But when an old graffiti tag in a tube station transports Saira to the 19th Century and she comes face-to-face with Jack the Ripper, she realizes she needs help after all.Saira meets Archer, a charming student who helps her blend in as much as a tall, modern American teen can in Victorian England. He reveals the existence of the Immortals… (more)

The Honor of the Queen by David Weber

Genre(s): Sci-fi

It’s hard to give peace a chance when the other side regards war as the necessary prelude to conquest, and a sneak attack as the best means to that end. That’s why the Kingdom of Manticore needs allies against the so-called “Republic” of Haven–and the planet Grayson is just the right strategic place to make a very good ally indeed. But Her Majesty’s Foreign Office had overlooked a “minor cultural difference” when they chose Honor Harrington to carry the flag: women on the planet Grayson are without rank or rights; Honor’s very presence is an intolerable affront to… (more)


Genre(s): Sci-fi

After Emma James– a widowed mother and child protection agent– is murdered to cover up a kidnapping ring, she reincarnates to solve the crimes.With SEVEN WAKINGS, Emma finds herself as: a homeless African American man, a sex-crazed lady of means, a morbidly obese Caucasian woman, a dashing lawyer with a hidden agenda, an innocent girl in shackles, a ruthless double-life cop, and an aging billionaire with a lifetime of secrets.But, challenging incarnations are nothing compared tonavigating the dark world of crooked cops, pedophile cults, and murderous plots– with only the help of her best friend, two… (more)

Shadowborn by Moira Katson

Genre(s): Fantasy

You, Catwin, no longer exist. You no longer have a fate of your own, a will of your own, or indeed a soul of your own. You will go where Miriel goes, you will watch instead of being watched, you will hear instead of being heard.”Catwin has always been good at being unseen–that is, until one fateful mistake brings her to the attention of the Duke of Voltur: the commander of the bloodiest battle in living memory, a man of legendary ruthlessness who is determined to be the power behind the throne. To this end, he has chosen… (more)

Anywhere But Here by Jason D. Morrow

Genre(s): Sci-fi

What if you could see the future with a single touch? What if that touch revealed someone’s death, and that person was someone you loved? Would you do everything you could to change it? In a post-apocalyptic world, where danger roams in many forms, seventeen-year-old Waverly seeks protection in the town of Crestwood after her boyfriend is ruthlessly killed by lawless raiders. But what she finds is a place wrought with mystery, shady dealings, and more instability than she anticipates… (more)

MoonFall by A.G. Wyatt

Genre(s): Sci-fi

It’s been twenty years since the world came to an end.The day Earth’s moon exploded, the dark of night took on a whole new meaning and existence became a matter of who could survive in the new world.Noah Brennan has been surviving alone, with only his six-shooter as a companion. And that’s the way he likes it. But when he encounters a militaristic, cult-like society hell-bent on restoring civilization, he’s forced to choose between his freedom and finding answers that could change his life and the world… (more)

The Colony: Part 1: Arrival by Mark Marinaccio

Genre(s): Sci-fi

A colony of extraterrestrial migrants arrives on Earth hoping to integrate into society but a world, which becomes temporarily united, suddenly becomes inexplicably divided at the discovery that they are all alien-human hybrids.When the alien colony ship appears in the skies above Earth, it carries secrets within it, which are as difficult to comprehend for humankind, as it is for the extraterrestrial travellers themselves.The alien colonists have no memory of life before the ship, but they will discover a shocking truth about just how closely related to the inhabitants of Earth they all are, leading to confusion… (more)

The 13th by Shadow Stephens

Genre(s): Paranormal

Magic in Strega Bluff is like parking meters in other cities. The quaint New England town is home to a large community of witches, warlocks–and many secrets. Jade Hansen loved living there until the untimely death of her parents. After a much-needed sabbatical, she returns to find the peaceful hamlet turned upside down. A string of murders haunts the city and everyone is potential a target, but even worse, they are all suspects. A family secret puts Jade in the middle and her loved ones in danger. Dodging an evil warlock set on revenge, she is in a… (more)

The Witch Hunter: The Witch Hunter Saga #1 by Nicole R Taylor

Genre(s): Paranormal, Fantasy

I was born into the world covered in blood, and that’s exactly the way I left it.Ever since, I have been damned to walk the boundary between life and death alone. Unwillingly turned and left to my nightmare, I have seen men commit countless horrors and committed many of my own.My origins shall remain unknown, my true self hidden. I have been called by many names, but in this life I am known as the Witch Hunter. I have been asleep these past 150 years, until I was awoken by a haunting call.Zachary Degaud was twenty three… (more)

The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

Genre(s): Fantasy

Loch is seeking revenge.It would help if she wasn’t in jail.The plan: to steal a priceless elven manuscript that once belonged to her family, but now is in the hands of the most powerful man in the Republic. To do so Loch–former soldier, former prisoner, current fugitive–must assemble a crack team of magical misfits that includes a cynical illusionist, a shapeshifting unicorn, a repentant death priestess, a talking magical warhammer, and a lad with seemingly no skills to help her break into the floating fortress of Heaven’s Spire and the vault that holds her family’s treasure… (more)

Vaccination: A Zombie Novel by Phillip Tomasso

Genre(s): Horror

What if the H7N9 vaccination wasn’t just a preventative measure against swine flu? It seemed like the flu came out of nowhere and yet, in no time at all the government manufactured a vaccination. Were lab workers diligent, or could the virus itself have been man-made? Chase McKinney works as a dispatcher at 9-1-1. Taking emergency calls, it becomes immediately obvious that the entire city is infected with the walking dead. His first goal is to reach and save his two children.Could the walls built by the U. S. A. to keep out illegal aliens, and the fact… (more)

The Kingdom of Four Rivers by Guy Salvidge

Genre(s): Sci-fi

In the distant future, climate change has wrought havoc on the world, leaving isolated communities living beneath great shields. Ji Tao is a young peasant woman struggling to make sense of her place in the world of the Kingdom of Four Rivers. On a family expedition, she makes a startling discovery in an ancient crypt, sending Ji Tao on a breathtaking journey of danger and intrigue… (more)

White Flag Of The Dead: A Zombie Novel by Joseph Talluto

Genre(s): Horror

Millions died when the Enillo Virus swept the earth. Millions more were lost when the victims of the plague refused to stay dead, instead rising to slaughter and feed on those left alive. For survivors like John Talon and his son Jake, they are faced with a choice: Do they submit to the dead, raising the white flag of surrender? Or do they find the will to fight, to try and hang on to the last shreds or humanity… (more)

Sleepers by Jacqueline Druga

Genre(s): Sci-fi

A normal spring morning cascades into a nightmare world for Mera Stevens as 1.8 billion children simultaneously fall ill and then vanish from the face of the earth. Her son, Jeremy, is one of them. Increased natural disasters, onslaught of disease and other phenomena throws the world into chaos as it balances on the brink of extinction. With communications down, Mera gathers the courage and strength she needs to trek across a dying country in search of a daughter she desperately hopes is still alive. While en route to Seattle, Mera is joined by others on a similar mission. Their… (more)

The God Virus by Skip Coryell

Genre(s): Sci-fi, Thriller

Suddenly, the lights went out, not just in one town or village, but all across the world. It was an act of cyber terrorism that plunged the world into the heart of darkness, into the 1000-year night, letting loose the demons of a billion souls, pitting dark against light, causing each person everywhere to choose sides… (more)