You Need to Include a Call-to-Action

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Unless you are a professional copywriter, you might not be familiar with the term “call-to-action.” Basically it is an appeal to the reader of an ad or other sales copy to take some action after reading the ad. 

Here are a few common calls-to-action that you’ve likely encountered:

  • Act now!
  • Subscribe today!
  • Click here!
  • Sign up!
  • Reserve Your Spot Today!

You get the idea. But with that great big gold BUY NOW button Amazon puts on your book’s Product Detail Page, including another call-to-action may seem a little redundant. But it’s not. 

Readers often respond well to one more little nudge. That’s what the call-to-action does.

You can combine emotional and genre hooks with your call-to-action for a powerful one/two punch:

  • Download the sample to start reading this pulse-pounding dark thriller
  • Hit the buy button to experience the seductive world of Amanda & Cole
  • Unlock the horror of Craddach House by downloading now–if you dare
  • If you like time-travel murder mysteries, scroll up and buy this book today
  • The Werewolves of Morgan Falls are waiting. Click download to start your romantic adventure!

It may strike you as cheesy or huckster-like to add a call-to-action, but they really do work.


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