Shelfbuzz Undiscovered Gems for the Week of Sunday, May 31, 2020

Shelbuzz Undiscovered Gems. Best Kindle Ebook Discoveries for the Week of Sunday, May 31, 2020

Happy Sunday, Shelfbuzzers. Here’s this week’s list of handpicked, highly-rated books. Stay safe!

Love Me Like That by Marie James

Genre(s): Romance

A second chance romance guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. Trusting him is impossible when betrayal is all I know. Yet once again I’m in the arms of a man with no future. Now what the hell am I supposed to do after a weekend of lust turns into more…(more)

Somebody Else by Jaxson Kidman

Genre(s): Romance

With a chance encounter, the spark they once lost is still there… but what if it’s too late for them? He was the one I loved. I was the one who walked away. We both know why. I was never supposed to see him again.*What I have now looks perfect on the outside. The car. The career. The house. The neighbor-slash-best-friend. The handsome man holding my hand. We can talk about everything. Except the past. That’s good enough to get by.*When Brice comes crashing back into my life, it’s not fate, it’s torture. My quiet…(more)

Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron

Genre(s): Fantasy, Paranormal

As the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan, Julius survives by a simple code: keep quiet, dont cause trouble, and stay out of the way of bigger dragons. But this meek behavior doesnt fly in a family of ambitious magical predators, and his mother, Bethesda the Heartstriker, has finally reached the end of her patience.Now, sealed in human form and banished to the DFZ–a vertical metropolis built on the ruins of Old Detroit–Julius has one month to prove he can be a ruthless dragon or kiss his true shape goodbye forever. But in a city of modern…(more)

Escaping The Wheel by Eric Artisan

Genre(s): Thriller, Religious

He’s had enough… Rostam, an escaped convict obsessed with reincarnation and karma, seeks more than revenge. He wishes to end his time on the Wheel of Life. But first he must right the wrongs of countless past lives and obtain forgiveness from those who would continue to pull him back to Earth. However, in the process,some lives are destroyed in order to be “saved.” Not a believer? You will be… in the end…(more)

United by Covenant: Bens America by Richard Fitchen

Genre(s): Historical

As a young Connecticut minister raised in the South, Benjamin LaBarre is upright in bearing and driven by purpose but burdened by circumstances of his mixed race. In New York City, his crusading magazines bring readers of this historical novel face to face with the most important contemporary figures defining American values, opposing sectionalists like Rufus Cameron, and turning ruthless industrialists to philanthropy. Yet despite his public achievements, Ben faces terrible personal loss and sacrifices that spill onto a new generation…(more)

Fireblood by Jeff Wheeler

Genre(s): Fantasy

Tyrus of Kenatos has made it his life’s work to banish the plagues that ravage the kingdoms. He believes the answer to ending the devastation lies in the Scourgelands. Yet, Tyrus’s first expedition into the cursed woods failed after being defeated by mysterious minions who stalked and killed most of his band. Now a prisoner in his own tower, Tyrus has summoned his nephew Annon — a Druidecht possessing innate magic called the fireblood — on the guise of finding a hidden treasure with which to purchase his twin sister Hettie’s freedom. But in reality, Tyrus is using his niece and nephew…(more)

The Mystery Box: A Soccer Moms Nightmare by Eva Pohler

Genre(s): Mystery

Soccer mom Yvette Palmer lives an ordinary life in San Antonio, Texas when a box is delivered to her by mistake, and in taking it to its rightful owner — a crotchety neighbor named Mona who shares her back fence — is drawn into a strange and haunting tale. Mona’s ratty robe, mood swings, and secretive behavior all raise red flags, and Yvette is sure someone else is living there despite Mona’s claim to live alone, but Yvette is unable to break away as she listens to how Mona transformed from a young college woman about to be married to the odd…(more)

Loose Ends: A Private Investigator Crime and Suspense Mystery Thriller by D. D. VanDyke

Genre(s): Mystery, Free

When a young girl is kidnapped, street-smart but damaged San Francisco ex-cop California “Cal” Corwin is engaged to find and rescue her before murder raises the stakes. As a straightforward case takes unexpected twists, Cal must quell a growing fear that an anguished mother may never see her child again. With a shadowy crime lord lurking behind every unexpected clue, Cal struggles to tie up loose ends before evil claims its next victim. Loose Ends is the first book in the Cal Corwin P. I. mystery series from D. D. VanDyke. Set against the rich backdrop of the…(more)

The Heiress of Linn Hagh by Karen Charlton

Genre(s): Historical, Mystery

Northumberland, 1809: A beautiful young heiress disappears from her locked bedchamber at Linn Hagh. The local constables are baffled and the townsfolk cry ‘witchcraft’. The heiress’s uncle summons help from Detective Lavender and his assistant, Constable Woods, who face one of their most challenging cases: The servants and local gypsies aren’t talking; Helen’s siblings are uncooperative; and the sullen local farmers are about to take the law into their own hands. Lavender and Woods find themselves trapped in the middle of a simmering feud as they uncover a world of family secrets, intrigue and deception in their search for the…(more)

The Days Fly by C.L. Quinn

Genre(s): Romance, Paranormal

You’d think that remaining young and beautiful forever would be wonderful, wouldn’t you? For Sarah, it really wasn’t. She’d been blood-bonded for nearly one hundred years to a powerful vampire, where taking small sips of his blood daily kept his blood-bonds healthy and young. While she was like family to him, there comes a time in a human beings life when just existing isn’t enough. There needed to be purpose and achievement and something to strive for. Sarah carried Robert Browning with her, the phrase “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven…(more)