Shelfbuzz Undiscovered Gems for the Week of Sunday, March 1, 2020

Shelbuzz Undiscovered Gems. Best Kindle Ebook Discoveries for the Week of Sunday, March 1, 2020

Happy Sunday, Shelfbuzzers. Here’s this week’s list of handpicked, highly-rated books. Enjoy!

Long Time Gone by Lorelei James

Genre(s): Romance

The right love is worth the wait… Calvin McKay can’t understand his twin brother’s rush toward the altar — until he lays eyes on the bride’s younger sister. But she’s far too innocent for him to pursue… and yet something about that little blonde tornado gets his blood pumping and his heart all twisted up. Kimi West is used to boys chasing after her, but Cal McKay is a man — all man — and his hot kisses are like nothing she’s ever experienced. But he’s a rancher, tied to the land, and she can’t wait for the day she can escape from…(more)

The Promise by Kate Worth

Genre(s): Romance, Historical, Mystery

When pastry chef Jane Gray tries to sell her daughters locket, she becomes the unlikely subject of a massive police hunt and fodder for Londons tabloid press. Secrets unravel, lies are exposed, and the Duke of Rutledge demands custody of his niece.Charming and handsome, the dukes brother Finn spends his leisure time between the sheets of Londons most beautiful, wanton women. The seasoned rake is perplexed by his attraction to demure, virtuous Jane… definitely not his usual type. Finn soon learns there is more to Jane than meets the eye and he longs to possess the passionate woman hidden…(more)

The Slaver Wars: Endgame by Raymond L. Weil

Genre(s): Sci-fi

The Federation is pushing the Hocklyns steadily back, but they still vastly outnumber the Humans and their allies by hundreds to one. Fleet Admiral Hedon Streth has to defeat them before they develop newer and more deadly weapons. In a bold move, Hedon comes up with a daring plan to attack the Hocklyn home worlds. If he succeeds, the war will be over and if he fails then the Federation will face imminent defeat.The AIs have withdrawn to the center of the galaxy where they are working on their Great Project. Once completed it will send out a hyperwave…(more)

This Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs

Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance

Persephone Fury is the Dark daughter, the one they hide.England, 1811. Few are aware of a hidden magical England, a people not ruled by poor mad George, but by the dying King Pellinore of the House of Pendragon.The Furys are known for their music, their magic, and their historic role as kingmakers. When Fury ambitions demand a political marriage, Persephone is drugged and presented to Society–Only to be abducted from the man she loves by the man she loathes.But devious and ruthless, Persephone must defy ancient prophecy and seize her own fate.Get swept away into…(more)

Between Heaven and Texas by Marie Bostwick

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction

Welcome to Too Much–where the women are strong-willed and the men are handsome yet shiftless. Ever since Mary Dell Templeton and her twin sister Lydia Dale were children, their Aunt Velvet has warned them away from local boys. But its well known that the females in Mary Dells family have two traits in common–superior sewing skills and a fatal weakness for men.While Lydia Dale grows up petite and pretty, Mary Dell just keeps growing. Tall, smart, and sassy, she is determined to one day turn her love of sewing into a business. Meanwhile, shell settle for…(more)

Cold As Ice: Novel by M.K. Gilroy

Genre(s): Mystery

What can go wrong on a run on in Central Park on your last day of vacation? Even if it is brutally cold? Everyone told Detective Kristen Conner to stay inside, which guaranteed she would go outside — and stumble onto a gang murder that puts her in the cross-hairs of a Russian “Red Mafyia” hit man.Back in Chicago, murder strikes closer to home. Just down the street from where her mom lives, a popular schoolteacher, solid citizen, and great guy — he shovels snow for widows and volunteers to work with underprivileged kids — is found dead. It was supposed…(more)

Tracks of Her Tears by Melinda Leigh

Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller

The sleepy little town of Solitude, Oregon, wakes up to a deadly threat…County investigator Seth Harding intends to spend the holidays with his newly reconciled family, but a few days before Christmas, a homicide thwarts his plan. Seth arrives at the scene and makes a painful discovery: the victim is his brother-in-law’s girlfriend. Her apartment has been ransacked and her toddler left motherless. To make matters worse, Seth’s brother-in-law, Bruce, is missing. With Solitude locked in a rare, deadly deep freeze and the temperature plummeting, the residents launch a desperate search. Seth calls his wife…(more)

Isle of Hope: Unfailing Love by Julie Lessman

Genre(s): Romance

NOTE! ! THIS BOOK IS A SWEET INSPIRATIONAL WITH A BIT HIGHER LEVEL OF ROMANTIC AND SPIRITUAL PASSION.)She stole his heart. He stole her peace. Can hope steal their pain? At the age of eighteen, Lacey Carmichael was a wild girl bent on fun, promised to Jack O’Bryen, a straight-and-narrow pastor’s kid bent on the seminary. When her father kicks her out of the house, she runs away from Isle of Hope, turning her back on everything she loves. Now, eight years later, she’s back as a woman of faith, hoping to make amends to the father she…(more)

A Shelter of Hope by Tracie Peterson

Genre(s): Religious, Historical

Jeffery O’Donnell is captivated by the mysterious Simone, who arrives at his office hoping to acquire a position as a Harvey Girl at the popular way-stops along the frontier rail line. Jeffery is torn, however, when he suspects that Simone may harbor a disturbing secret…(more)

The Victory Garden: A Novel by Rhys Bowen

Genre(s): Historical

As the Great War continues to take its toll, headstrong twenty-one-year-old Emily Bryce is determined to contribute to the war effort. She is convinced by a cheeky and handsome Australian pilot that she can do more, and it is not long before she falls in love with him and accepts his proposal of marriage. When he is sent back to the front, Emily volunteers as a “land girl,” tending to the neglected grounds of a large Devonshire estate. It’s here that Emily discovers the long-forgotten journals of a medicine woman who devoted her life to her…(more)