Shelfbuzz Undiscovered Gems for the Week of Sunday, February 9, 2020

Shelbuzz Undiscovered Gems. Best Kindle Ebook Discoveries for the Week of Sunday, February 9, 2020

Happy Sunday, Shelfbuzzers. Here’s this week’s list of handpicked, highly-rated books. Have a great week!

Parrish by Janine Infante Bosco

Genre(s): Romance, Thriller, Paranormal

It’s not a wicked world that drives a man to sin, it’s a deranged mind. Baptized in dirty water by Satan himself, I’ve spent my whole life fighting the good fight, searching for the light in the darkness of insanity. Now, the light I’ve basked in for so long is finally dimming and the time has come for me to take my final bow before the curtain closes on my sanity. After making a deal with the district attorney and providing my club with full immunity for the crimes we’ve committed, I have twenty-four hours to remind my wife…(more)

Like a Fly on the Wall: A Novel by Simone Kelly

Genre(s): Mystery, Romance

Meet Jacques Berradi. Moroccan-born and Manhattan-raised, his genuine, sexy-smooth allure goes hand in hand with a unique gift. Since Jacques was young, he has had the ability to read peoples’ energies, communicate with spirit guides, and even catch glimpses of people’s futures. Now a professional “intuitive counselor,” Jacques’s clients pay him handsomely for his insight. Unfortunately, Jacques’s psychic abilities don’t come with an off switch to tune out the world’s noise, nor do they always provide him with easy answers; recently Jacques has begun having dark, alarming dreams about his beloved father, a Moroccan immigrant who died…(more)

No Way Back by Rick Mofina

Genre(s): Thriller

San Francisco crime reporter Tom Reed is burned out. On the day he decides to finally quit the news business, a sensational story breaks. A heart-stopping robbery-homicide at a jewelry store. The suspects have shot and killed a police officer before fleeing with a female hostage. Reed rushes to the scene, his passion resurrected for one last big story. Arriving at the chaos, Reed is stunned to learn from a staff member, still clutching a receipt, that the hostage is his wife, Ann Reed. Horrified, Reed confronts San Francisco Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski and other detectives on the…(more)

FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A Novel of Fatal Insomnia by CJ Lyons

Genre(s): Thriller

In the chaos of the ER, functioning without sleep is a prized skill. But even Dr. Angela Rossi will admit that five months is far too long. Then a dead nun speaks to her while Angela is holding the nun’s heart in her hand. “Find the girl,” the nun commands — although no one else in the trauma room can hear, the words drilling directly into Angela’s brain. “Save the girl.” Aided by a police detective fallen from grace, Angela searches the midnight catacombs beneath the city, facing down a ruthless gang leader and stumbling onto a serial killer’s lair. Her…(more)

Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

Genre(s): Romance, Free

I would do anything for my dream job. Now I have to. In order to save my skin at the office, I’m forced to sell it at an exclusive and illegal blindfold club. He paid thousands of dollars for one night to own me, but when my blindfold comes off, I want more. More nights, more rules, and more from this unavailable and uncompromising man. Rule number one, no questions. Rule number two, no lies. But, rule number three? That’s the hardest one to obey.Tag This BookThis Book Has Been TaggedIt hasn’t. Be the first to tag…(more)

Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

A decades long love story of two people, united by chance, that proves love’s lasting power and its ability to overcome all odds. Miranda Hayes has lost everything — her family, her husband, her home. Orphaned and then widowed, desperate to find a safe haven, she sets out to cross a savage land alone… until chance brings her face-to-face with notorious gunslinger Jake Harkner. Hunted by the law and haunted by a brutal past, Jake has spent a lifetime fighting for everything he has. He’s never known a moment’s kindness… until fate brings him to the one woman willing…(more)

Blue-Eyed Son by Melissa Tomlinson Romo

Genre(s): Historical

BERLIN, 1942. An orphan boy is adopted by a childless couple. He grows up in a divided and war-weary Germany with the legacy of a hideous crime on his conscience. More than fifty years later, his American daughter, Agnes, prepares to marry her Polish-American sweetheart. But when the wedding day comes, the father of the bride fails to appear and the groom storms away with a mysterious letter. In that moment, Agnes realizes that even half a century isn’t long enough to extinguish the flames of war. Hoping to forge a peace between her father and her groom…(more)

The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones

Genre(s): Sci-fi, Thriller

Ten strangers trapped in time…A ticking sound fills the air as Tim MacGregor enters The Daily Edition Cafe to meet his new girlfriend for coffee. Moments later, the cafe is transported 67 million years back in time, along with everyone inside.Time is running out as ten unlikely companions search for a way home, while one member of the group plots to keep them all in the past.Who will survive…(more)

The Sweetest Thing by Lilian Darcy

Genre(s): Romance, Free

Tully Morgan hasn’t been back to Marietta for more than a few brief visits since the night of the 1996 senior prom eighteen years ago, when the chance exposure of a long-held family secret sent her running to her uncle in California in shock. She stood up her date Ren Fletcher that night, and she hasn’t seen him since. Now she’s here for an extended stay, to help take care of her seriously ill mother. It’s an edgy reconciliation, the first time that Tully, Patty and Sugar Morgan have been together since that long ago prom night. Tully has…(more)

Dome Six: A Dystopian Adventure by C.P. James

Genre(s): Sci-fi

Century-old Dome Six is crumbling. Inside is chaos. Outside is death.Ever since the Authority covered up her parents deaths, Tosh has been stuck teaching dead-eyed children the same 100-year-old curriculum. And now algorithms will determine her own son’s lot in life. But no matter the outcome, all that awaits him is a lifetime of toil and stultifying boredom. A life on rails.Cytocorp built eight self-contained cities to protect the best and brightest from a looming environmental disaster. The models said it would likely take a century for conditions to improve, and that day…(more)