Quick Cover Design Critique: Mule

Today’s Quick Cover Design Critique

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Designer: Author
Cost: <$100

According the designers at Shelfbuzz, here are the main issues:

  • Poor Layout Design

To read more and for an explanation of these issues, please visit our master list of cover design mistakes.

Comments: This is actually a well-designed cover. The colors and typography are well-executed. The design is simple enough to work in a small size. There is a great fit with the genre. So what’s wrong? Check out the yellow ball in the upper right. Everything about this is wrong — from the cheesy drop shadow to the ital poorly tracked text that’s way too small to read. And even if a potential buyer did manage to decipher the text in the circle, it’s pretty much a meaningless claim. After all, the book is on Amazon and that’s where the buyer is seeing it. Anyway, we can only guess that the author read somewhere that you should add a design element that looks like your book won an award or some distinction. Who knows…