Heart of Dragons: A Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy by Meg Cowley

This is a Fantasy, novel with a Shelfbuzz Score of 9.2 (out of 10)

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A stolen magic. A rising evil. They are pawns in a game they do not understand. When orphan Harper discovers a legendary Dragonheart, her life changes forever. Magically flung to the faraway country of Pelenor, where magic, dragons, and elves rule, Harper must find her place – and fast. Searching for the elven King’s missing Dragonheart is his ruthless Spymaster Dimitri, who has his own agenda to revolutionise Pelenor, and free it from the King’s greed. Harper is thrust into a web of intrigue beyond her knowledge, and her newfound companions – a roguish elven thief and his ragtag band of companions…