Instead of trying to do it yourself, buy a professional cover design for $150

Professional graphic designer Carl Graves creates book covers for a number of successful indie authors, including Lee Goldberg and J.A. Konrath. On his blog Konrath posted a notice about a special sale Graves is having on some of his existing designs. These are one-of-a-kind covers, each one available for a limited time. Once you buy it, you own it exclusively. This an amazing deal since normally covers of this quality would go for $500-$750 or more) To grab one of these covers (which would likely result in your free book being chosen as one of our Handpicked Free Kindle Books), just contact Carl Graves.

As Konrath says:

As I’ve said a gazillion times, a professional cover boosts sales. When I began using Carl’s covers over my old homemade ones my ebook sales tripled.

Here are some of the covers offered at this special price.