The Bander Series

“Game of Thrones Meets Jack Reacher”

That’s how readers describe this new series from author Randy Nargi.

From award-winning writer Randy Nargi comes an exciting high fantasy adventure series which blends the wonder of sword and sorcery with a thrilling, fast-paced, hard-boiled mystery. This sharply-written adventure provides thrills, riddles, and a cliff-hanger ending that kicks off this exciting new series.


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A hideous murder. Dark intrigue. Sorcery. And more. Retired Imperial Investigator Bander spends his days wandering the Empire of Harion and trying to avoid trouble. But when he is contacted to help solve the particularly gruesome murder of his oldest friend, Bander gets drawn into a deadly mystery that involves the highest powers in the realm.


“This is a great new series. I’ve read Books 1 & 2 now and can’t wait for more. This is a truly fresh, inventive story with great characters and tons of action set in a cool, highly-detailed new world. The mystery at the heart of “Bander” hooks you right out of the gate, develops quickly and never lets go– though I found myself wanting to pause to ponder some of the incredibly intriguing technologies, weapons and environments introduced along the way. A great ride. Definitely start with Book 1 and enjoy.”

“The story drops us in the middle of a fully realized fantasy realm with a remarkable new hero to guide us. Nargi appears to be winding up for an epic tale.”

“I am really enjoying the adventures of Bander. The action is great, as is the intrigue. I’m left wondering where things are going as Bander is trying solve multiple mysteries in this magical world. Can’t wait for the next.”


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