Find a Book Cover Designer

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If you’ve read our advice here on Shelfbuzz, you realize that authors who are not trained graphic designers should not be designing their own book covers. Why? Because non-professional covers hurt your sales. A professional cover can increase books sales by over 300%.

So where do you find a professional designer?

The best way is to network with other indie authors who have professional covers and ask who their designer was.

If you are lazy, here are a few shortcuts. Note: Shelfbuzz is not affiliated with these designers and does not receive any sort of affiliate commission for listing them.

Click the names to visit each designer’s site.

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Jason Gurley
Scarlett Rugers

Kit Foster
Derek Murphy
Carl Graves
Blue Harvest Creative

P.S. Smashwords, a popular indiepub distributor also compiles a list of cover design artists. We’ve browsed through the portfolios of the ‘designers’ on this list and were not impressed by their work. Stick to the professionals listed above.