Shelfbuzz Undiscovered Gems for the Week of Sunday, April 7, 2019

Shelbuzz Undiscovered Gems. Best Kindle Ebook Discoveries for the Week of Sunday, April 7, 2019

Happy Sunday, Shelfbuzzers. Here’s this week’s list of handpicked, highly-rated books. Have a great week!

Trailer Trash by Denise Grover Swank

Genre(s): Mystery

Neely Kate Colson’s life is a carefully built house of cards — and now her newly discovered half-sister is threatening to collapse it. While everyone thinks Kate Simmons was neutralized when she was incarcerated in a psych ward, Neely Kate knows better. Her sister has been sending her letters threatening to expose her past, only Neely Kate has stuffed so many secrets into every available crack and cranny, she has no idea which ones could be dragged into the light. Growing up with an abusive, drug addicted mother taught Neely Kate to play the game — to be whoever she needs… (more)

Only The Lonely by Amanda M. Lee

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal

Isabella “Izzy” Sage spent her formative years on Belle Isle in Detroit, playing next to the gate that separates the living from the dead as her parents drew a paycheck from the grim reaper council. Then the impossible happened, tragedy struck, and Izzy found herself an orphan. Her grandfather took her away and raised her among the Bruja in New Orleans, although her heart always longed to return to the gate… which felt so much like a part of her. Now, as an adult, Izzy has worked her way up to gatekeeper status and she’s back in the place her… (more)

Broken Angels by Gemma Liviero

Genre(s): Historical

A Nazi doctor. A Jewish rebel. A little girl. Each one will fight for freedom — or die trying. Imprisoned in the Lodz Ghetto, Elsi discovers her mother’s desperate attempt to end her pregnancy and comes face-to-face with the impossibility of their situation. Risking her own life, Elsi joins a resistance group to sabotage the regime. Blonde, blue-eyed Matilda is wrenched from her family in Romania and taken to Germany, where her captors attempt to mold her into the perfect Aryan child. Spirited and brave, she must inspire hope in the other stolen children to make her dreams… (more)

London Harmony: Roctoberfest by Erik Schubach

Genre(s): Romance

Kacy Green is at a point in her life where she feels she needs to act more mature and get her own place instead of crashing at her various band mates flats as she has done for ten years since she ran away from a bad situation at home when she was fifteen. Things are starting to click for her and for the band. London Harmony is hosting the biggest battle of the bands the world has ever witnessed. When things start to fall apart when their lead guitarist defects to another band. The race is on to find another… (more)

Ghost in the Ring by Jonathan Moeller

Genre(s): Paranormal, Fantasy

Caina Amalas was once a deadly Ghost nightfighter, a spy and agent of the Emperor of Nighmar. Now she only wishes to live quietly with her husband. But civil war grips the Empire, and Caina’s skills are needed against the cruel sorcerers of the malevolent Umbarian Order. And Caina has a dangerous connection to the Umbarians. For Caina’s mother had many secrets, secrets that might yet kill Caina herself… (more)

Resurrection by Tanith Frost

Genre(s): Paranormal, Thriller

In a city where monsters lurk in the shadows, an unlikely hero embraces her inner darkness in order to save the light. Since the night of Aviva’s murder she’s been forced to accept a new reality — burned by sunlight, feeding on the blood of the living, searching for her place in a dark world she didn’t believe existed until she awoke as a vampire. She’s barely reached an uneasy peace with her monstrous new nature when rogue vampires arrive in her clan’s territory, leaving a trail of fresh corpses in their wake. As the bodies pile up Aviva discovers a… (more)

Soul Food Spirits by Amy Boyles

Genre(s): Mystery, Paranormal

It should’ve been so easy… Blissful Breneaux has spent her career catching troublesome ghosts for a covert government agency. But all that changes the day she is fired. She has one shot to redeem herself — track down the biggest, baddest spirit the agency has ever known and haul him in. Too bad that ghost resides in the one place Blissful despises — Haunted Hollow, Alabama. It’s the tourist attraction from hell. Blissful is knee deep in a foreign place — and it’s not just the deer head trophies and the giant pickup trucks that are throwing her for a loop. When a… (more)

Getting Lucky by Erin Nicholas

Genre(s): Romance

TJ Bennett knows one thing for certain — being in love isn’t for him. Been there, done that, has the scars to prove it. But that’s before he meets colorful, sweet, slightly-kooky Hope Daniels. Hope is only in town temporarily. She simply wants to have a cup of coffee with the father she’s never known. But when her directions lead her to TJ’s house instead, everything becomes a lot more complicated… and a lot more interesting. Because there’s nothing like a big gruff introvert to push this extrovert’s let-me-make-it-all-better buttons. All of TJ’s plans to… (more)

Blue-Eyed Son by Melissa Tomlinson Romo

Genre(s): Historical

BERLIN, 1942. An orphan boy is adopted by a childless couple. He grows up in a divided and war-weary Germany with the legacy of a hideous crime on his conscience. More than fifty years later, his American daughter, Agnes, prepares to marry her Polish-American sweetheart. But when the wedding day comes, the father of the bride fails to appear and the groom storms away with a mysterious letter. In that moment, Agnes realizes that even half a century isn’t long enough to extinguish the flames of war. Hoping to forge a peace between her father and her groom… (more)

Hexborn by A. M. Manay

Genre(s): Fantasy

Hexborn. Abomination. Unclean. Young Shiloh knows exactly what she is. She just refuses to let that stop her. Her illness might make her an outcast, but her broken body hides great magical power. And she intends to make the most of it. Silas, the king’s ruthless fixer, seeks to use that power to preserve the uneasy peace the kingdom has enjoyed since the end of the Siblings’ War. Silas hauls Shiloh from her mountain village to the wizard academy at the king’s court, where magic and political intrigue conspire to create danger around every corner. Can this child of war… (more)