Featuring Exodus 2022 by Ken Bennett


From award-winning novelist Ken Bennett comes a fast-paced, action-packed, science fiction thriller that will forever change the way you look at the world around you.

Joe Stanton is an earnest young man who seemingly loses his grip on reality while on vacation on a picturesque island off the coast of Washington State. Only two people believe Joe isn’t crazy: his fiancee Ella and a ruthless billionaire who has been tracking down people just like Joe—people who end up suffering identical, always fatal mental breakdowns. Now Joe must make sense of his maddening hallucinations and escape the forces rising up against him before it’s too late and his world is changed forever.

Who Will Like This

Sci-fi and fantasy fans who like fast-paced contemporary stories that make you think

Book Notes

Themes: Species loss and environmental degradation
Setting: The San Juan Islands of Washington State

What Readers Say

Opens full throttle and never lets up. A fresh, original sci-fi thriller full of unexpected twists and turns. Kept me guessing to the very last page.

An incredibly well-crafted genre-bending novel which is a mishmash of science-fiction, fantasy, and eco-adventure thriller

A wild ride of an ecological thriller replete with great supernatural splendor

The plot was simply amazing and breathtaking and unique…. How else did I read a 400+ page book in one day?

Interview with Ken Bennett

Welcome to Shelfbuzz, Ken. We were fortunate to read an early draft of Exodus 2022 and were impressed not only by the big ideas of the novel, but by the interesting main character with a profession you don’t often see in science fiction. Tell us about him.

Joe Stanton is a young Episcopal minister dedicated to his congregation in Bremerton, Washington. He’s a good, hard-working soul and a friend to everyone he meets. He loves the outdoors and most of all, his girlfriend Ella.

Joe endures enormous suffering and hardship throughout the course of the novel and changes mentally, physically, and spiritually. Once Joe comprehends the enormity of the task that’s been handed to him he struggles mightily with the ethics of his role and the impact it will have on humanity and the planet.

Who might play Joe in the movie version of Exodus 2022?

Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt. Either would do an amazing job.

What made you want to tell Joe’s story?

I was curious to understand how an ordinary man might react to urgent communication from outside of the human race.

How important is the setting in Exodus 2022?

The settings (the San Juan Islands of Washington State, coastal Alaska, and the Madison Buffalo Jump in Western Montana) are crucial to the story. I chose those locations because the story deals heavily with the natural world and required venues where “wild” and “human” collide.

Tell us more about the research that went into this novel.

I visited all of the settings as I worked on the story. I also did an enormous amount of reading about brain development, animal intelligence, undersea exploration, and orca whales. It took me about two years of steady work to write the novel.

Considering the title and the profession of the main character, would you consider Exodus 2022 to be a religious novel?

The novel contains spiritual elements but I do not consider it a religious novel, at least not in the standard sense. It’s more about the sacredness of the earth than any human religion.

Exodus 2022 was recently picked up by Amazon imprint Lake Union Publishing and has garnered positive reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. This indicates not only great writing, but a high level of professionalism. As an indie author, how did you ensure that Exodus 2022 met professional standards?

I worked with a top editor from the Pacific Northwest Editors Guild, as well as professional proofreaders, cover designers, marketing people, and a number of awesome beta readers. My first publisher, Booktrope, helped me pull together a great team.

After readers finish Exodus 2022, which novel of yours should they read next?

My other novels, The Gaia Wars and Battle For Cascadia, are aimed at the young adult audience but I’ve received great feedback from adult readers, as well.

Thank you so much, Ken.

Ken Bennett: In His Own Words

I live on Bainbridge Island in Washington State, which is 35 minutes from Seattle via ferry. I love island life and the green, rainy Pacific Northwest. I’m an avid backpacker, and also enjoy skiing and kayaking. Four or five times a week I swim through a U.S. Masters Swimming program and compete in meets throughout the year. The workouts are incredibly challenging and I’m addicted.

I’m a full time writer but in addition to working on novels I also write for advertising clients such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft here in Seattle. I’ve also written screenplays and my YA novel The Gaia Wars was optioned for a movie by Identity Films, Hollywood.

Right now I am working on a new science fiction novel that has to do with famed naturalist and Sierra Club Founder John Muir.