Featuring Ravenous by Marie Force


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist Marie Force (writing as M.S. Force) comes a steamy friends-to-lovers erotic romance.

Ellie Godfrey wants a baby. Jasper Autry wants her. Simple enough, right? When Jasper and Ellie get together to work on her “project,” the sparks fly.

Who Will Like This

Erotic romance fans who don’t mind foul-mouthed heroes who like it a little rough and dirty or hot and sexy BDSM scenes (among other things). Not for the faint of heart.

Book Notes

Themes: Dreams vs. obligations
Setting: Los Angeles

What Readers Say

A well-written, entertaining love story that I could not put down!

There’s something to be said for an author who can have you read half a book before you even know it.

On the top level of hotness!

Note to self – and anyone else going to read this – do not start it an hour before bedtime because you won’t get any sleep!!

Ellie and Jasper’s story was amazing! There were twists I definitely didn’t expect, but kept me on my toes!

Interview with Marie Force

Welcome to Shelfbuzz, Marie. You are very well known for your contemporary romances (especially your acclaimed Gansett Island Series), but your M.S. Force pen name focuses on erotic romance with a relatively new series (Quantum), right?

Yes — and this new novel, Ravenous, is #5 in the Quantum Series–although it is very much a standalone.

You hook the reader right in Chapter One of Ravenous with a fantastic premise. Can you tell us about that?

Ellie Godfrey is a 36 year old professional who wants a baby. Jasper Autry is a well-regarded cinematographer who has always wanted her. So he steps in and offers to “contribute” to her project. But he has a few conditions…

Jasper is a complex character and you give him a fascinating subplot. Tell us about his struggle.

Jasper is facing a dilemma with his aristocratic family back home in England. He is expected to one day leave his successful Hollywood career as a cinematographer to go home to run the family empire. This is NOT what he wants. Throughout the course of Ravenous, Jasper takes a stand for the life he wants rather the one he was born into.

What made you want to tell Jasper’s story?

I was interested in knowing more about how the modern day aristocracy operates and it was fun to write Jasper’s story in the context of the push-pull of obligations vs. dreams. I also felt that the British aristocracy meets Hollywood royalty angle would make Ravenous different from many other romance novels. I did a lot of research about primogeniture, the notion of titles passing through families and how that works in the 21st century. I also had to figure out exactly what a cinematographer’s role is on a movie set.

Speaking of movies, Ravenous would make a great one. If you could pick an actor to play Jasper who would it be?

Tom Hiddleston, maybe.

After readers finish Ravenous, which novel of yours should they read next?

The first four Quantum books, Virtuous, Valorous, Victorious and Rapturous would catch the readers up on the other characters who appear in the series. I also hope to write Delirious, Kristian and Aileen’s story, in the next year.

Thank you very much, Marie, and congratulations on a fantastic new novel.

Thank you.

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Marie Force in Her Own Words

I am a full time author but before I left my day job five years ago, I was the director of communications for a national nonprofit. I live in the Newport, Rhode Island area. I love the beach, the water, the historical significance of Newport. I recently oversaw the renovation of an old home that we are now using as a summer rental. That was really fun!

Right now I’m writing my first standalone (not series) novel in five years–Sex Machine, which is due out on September 26, 2016.