Designing Your Own Book Cover?

There are five things you need to know about Designing a Book Cover That Sells:

  1. The purpose of a book’s cover is to assure the prospective reader that the book is worth further consideration.
  2. The two ways to get a professional book cover are to hire a designer or do it yourself.
  3. Your cover must match your genre by including the same elements that genre readers are used to seeing from traditionally published genre novels.
  4. The key image must be simple. Single images work better than collages.
  5. Other visual cues like correct typography and layout subliminally assure readers that they are looking at a professional product.

Remember that your cover itself is not the product. Your book is the product. Your cover is the packaging. And it needs to assure potential readers that what’s inside is good and is what they want. That’s it.

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List of Professional Cover Designers

A professional cover can increase books sales by over 300%.

So where do you find a professional designer?

The best way is to network with other indie authors who have professional covers and ask who their designer was.

If you are lazy, here are a few shortcuts. Note: Shelfbuzz is not affiliated with these designers and does not receive any sort of affiliate commission for listing them. 

Click the names to visit each designer’s site.

The Thatchery
Jason Gurley
Scarlett Rugers

Kit Foster
Derek Murphy
Carl Graves
Blue Harvest Creative
Yocla Designs

P.S. Smashwords, a popular indiepub distributor also compiles a list of cover design artists. We’ve browsed through the portfolios of the ‘designers’ on this list and were not impressed by their work. Stick to the professionals listed above.


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