Handpicked Kindle Books for Oct 18 2017 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – Western/Historical Wednesday

Here are our eBook picks for Wednesday, October 18. Today we’re featuring books in the western, historical, and western/historical romance genres.

For Love of the Duke by Christi Caldwell

Genre(s): Historical, Romance

After the tragic death of his wife, Jasper, the 8th Duke of Bainbridge buried himself away in the dark cold walls of his home, Castle Blackwood. When he’s coaxed out of his self-imposed exile to attend the amusements of the Frost Fair, his life is irrevocably changed by his fateful meeting with Lady Katherine Adamson.With her tight brown ringlets and silly white-ruffled gowns, Lady Katherine Adamson has found her dance card empty for two Seasons. After her father’s passing, Katherine learned the unreliability of men, and is determined to depend on no one, except herself. Until she… (more)

A Heartless Design by Elizabeth Cole

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

An enigmatic woman, a determined spy, and a design that could shake the foundations of Europe…”Heartless” Cordelia Bering refuses every marriage offer she receives. Yet men still try to win her, drawn by her sharp wit and intoxicating green eyes. But Cordelia knows a marriage could reveal her deepest secret and truly endanger her life. Besides, she hasn’t met a man worth considering, until…Sebastien Thorne, a spy in the service of the Crown. One of the elite agents in the group known as the Zodiac, he comes to London determined to solve a mystery with roots on the… (more)

Unicorn Western by Johnny B. Truant

Genre(s): Fantasy, Western

Cast out from the magical kingdom of The Realm and into the dying desert of the Sands beyond, Marshal Clint Gulliver and his unicorn Edward have finally found peace in the small and dusty town of Solace. For the first time since leaving The Realm, Clint has dared to be happy, getting hitched to his bride to be, Mai. But when the town faces a deadly approaching enemy, the gunslinger feels compelled unholster his seven-shooters to face it… and the dark magic it brings with it… (more)

Night Wind’s Woman by Shirl Henke

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

NIGHT WIND: Half Irish, half Lipan Apache. His father had killed his mother and her people and had sold him, as a ten-year old, into slavery. In the black pits of the silver mines, only the Green-Eyed Boy’s hunger for revenge had kept him alive. Now, the warrior Night Wind would take his vengeance.ORLENA: Proud and untamable as a lioness. The golden-haired beauty had fled the Old World and a forced marriage. But in the savage provinces of the Southwest, she was destined to clash with another man–a half-breed whom her aristocratic blood dictated… (more)

UP CREEK by J.R. Wright

Genre(s): Western

If there was ever a marriage meant to be, the one between Tate Gallagher and Mattie Bell, the second for each, had to rank near the top for compatibility, especially since there are five children involved. But what happens when the two of them team up to wildcat for crude in an area of 1910 Oklahoma not known to have any of the stinky black stuff? Excitement over the prospects of striking it rich leads to hardship, and hardship leads to disaster. But through it all Mattie manages to hold the family together. This is a suspenseful story of love… (more)

The Daring Heart by Carmen Caine

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

Scotland, 1482 – To the scandalous Lord Julian Gray, marriage is a malady and nothing more. How can a man even court a lass longer than a fortnight when there are so many pouting lips to kiss? Roaming the courts of Europe, Julian appears to spend his time drinking wine, wagering gold, and dandling willing lasses upon his knee. But no one knows the man behind the mask. No one knows that he is Le Marin — Europe’s most daring and brazen spy. But everything changes the night he finds a dagger pressed against his ribs and an alluring hazel-eyed minx… (more)

Passion’s Tide by Sarah West

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

Amber, a strong-willed girl, is struck by tragedy when she loses her mother, the person shielding her from the world’s cruelty. It’s 1714 in Boston, Mass., and the death of Amber’s mom is not the only factor that threatens her stable life; her father’s secretive will puts her inheritance in jeopardy. Afraid that her money will go to her envious and greedy uncle, she sails to England to find the thing that will save her future: an honorable husband with a suitable title. Amber’s luck takes an even a worse turn when her ship is attacked by Imperial Shadow… (more)

Westward Journey by Jo Ann Cox

Genre(s): Western

Land’s End has always been home to the Baptiste Brothers, but when one brother uproots his family from the serenity of their homestead for fear his sons would fight on opposing sides in the war, John vows to protect his family and go west. John’s excited about this new chapter in his family’s life, but John’s daughter, Rachel has her own cross to bear as she makes the journey reluctantly. However, trouble evades the voyage at every turn as they face perilous uncharted territory. With Indians on the warpath and the unforeseen forces of nature, Ben struggles to catch up… (more)

The Jewelled Snuff Box by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Genre(s): Historical, Mystery, Romance

Eighteenth-century England.Jane Spencer is amongst a group of travellers who are forced to delay their journey due to a snowstorm.Their stage coach is unable to continue its journey through the storm and its passengers are forced to get out and walk to a nearby inn.Jane comes across a unconscious man, the victim of highwaymen, lying half dead in the snow.The man awakes not knowing who he is and is unable to recognize his only possession: a magnificent jewel-encrusted snuff box.Jane nurses him and helps him return to London. But, just as she starts… (more)

Franc and Jessie James by Brent Ford

Genre(s): Western

In 1860, the Trenton Pacific Railroad Company pursues a violent land grab. Francesca and Jessica James are orphaned as a result. Combining forces with three runaway slaves, the five children set out to hunt down the railroad’s chief agent, John Grimes.Wealthy student, Horace Weston, suffers expulsion from the elite, Drake College. Refusing to accept his guilt, he soon discovers the existence of an elusive, secret society, the Pnta Prti, hidden deep within the establishment. Little does he realise the consequences of his discovery.Robbing the Railroad of their money at every given opportunity, Franc and Jessie James become an… (more)

Righteous Lies: Book 1: Dancing Moon Ranch Series by Patricia Watters

Genre(s): Romance, Western

Grace Templeton thought the child she’d been carrying for seven months was the child of her dead husband. Jack Hansen thought the sperm he’d donated had gone to the wife of his sterile twin. And then they learn the vials of sperm at the fertility clinic were accidentally switched. The shock sends Grace into early labor, and the only place she can have complete bed rest is at the Dancing Moon Ranch, a working guest ranch owned by Jack and his twin. But soon, Grace finds herself falling in love with a hard-edged cowboy who wants to micromanage her… (more)

Savage Destiny by Phoebe Conn

Genre(s): Historical, Romance

Hunter is a Seneca brave and a renown scout for the Virginia Militia. But a white-woman’s betrayal sent him back to his Seneca ways, with a vow to never return. Alanna Barclay lost her family in an Indian raid. When her cousin gives birth to a half-breed baby, then dies, Alanna faces a choice: turn her back on the motherless child or convince his Seneca father to claim the babe as his own. Hunter wants nothing to do with the infant; a painful remainder of his white-mother’s betrayal. But Alanna’s compassion and bravery is seeping into Hunter’s… (more)