Handpicked Kindle Books for Jun 23 2017 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – Fantasy Friday

Here are our eBook picks for Friday, June 23. Today we’re featuring books in the fantasy/horror/sci-fi genres.

1632 by Eric Flint

Genre(s): Sci-fi

In the year 1632 in northern Germany a reasonable person might conclude that things couldn’t get much worse. There was no food. Disease was rampant. For over a decade religious war had ravaged the land and the people. Catholic and Protestant armies marched and countermarched across the northern plains, laying waste the cities and slaughtering everywhere. In many rural areas population plummeted toward zero. Only the aristocrats remained relatively unscathed; for the peasants, death was a mercy.In the year 2000 things are going okay in Grantville, West Virginia. The mines are working, the buck are plentiful (it’s deer season… (more)

Dark Fate: The Gathering by Matt Howerter

Genre(s): Fantasy

Princess Sloane is to become a queen. Her marriage will unite the last two human kingdoms of Orundal. As it is not a marriage of choice but of necessity, she struggles with the responsibility laid before her, not knowing that the sacrifice she makes for her homeland will be but the first that she must endure.Her twin sister, Princess Sacha, has been called from her studies at the Monastery to support Sloane in her time of need. Sacha has begun to learn the ways of the arcane and deals with her own troubles concerning the loss of a family… (more)

Kaybree Versus the Angels by Harrison Paul

Genre(s): Paranormal, Fantasy

Kaybree has grown up hearing stories of the Angels, mythical beings who used to defend Nordgard from the creatures of the forest. After leaving mankind without guidance for centuries, they returned fifteen years ago, leaving a fiery swath of destruction.When Kaybree is called to the outpost by the forest, home to her mother’s mysterious Vormund Order, she stumbles into the latest Angel attack. Soon she learns that she has the unique power to fight them: the ability to transform into a radiant being of fire and lightning.As she begins to receive visions from Angelic messengers, she delves deeper… (more)

The Frozen Sky: The Novel by Jeff Carlson

Genre(s): Sci-fi

Something is alive inside Jupiter’s ice moon Europa. Robot probes find an ancient tunnel beneath the surface, its walls carved with strange hieroglyphics. Led by elite engineer Alexis Vonderach, a team of scientists descends into the dark… where they confront a savage race older than mankind… (more)

Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart

Genre(s): Sci-fi

The Dominion of Atalanta is at war. But for eighteen-year-old Aris, the fighting is nothing more than a distant nightmare, something she watches on news vids from the safety of her idyllic seaside town. Then her boyfriend, Calix, is drafted into the Military, and the nightmare becomes a dangerous reality.Left behind, Aris has nothing to fill her days. Even flying her wingjet–the thing she loves most, aside from Calix–feels meaningless without him by her side. So when she’s recruited to be a pilot for an elite search-and-rescue unit, she leaps at the chance… (more)

Wraithsong: Desirable Creatures Series – Book I by E. J. Squires

Genre(s): Paranormal, Romance

Ever since she can remember, Sonia has had to abide by her parents’ ridiculously unfair rules like not being allowed to date or even kiss a guy. The only reason she thinks she’s being held to these rules is when Sonia was eight, she took a sip of her friend’s drink, causing her friend to do everything Sonia asked. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Sonia is finally about to learn why; she’s a Huldra, a dangerous, yet seductive and magical Norse forest maiden who with just one kiss, has the ability to control humans and appropriate parts of their souls… (more)

The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones

Genre(s): Sci-fi, Thriller

Ten strangers trapped in time…A ticking sound fills the air as Tim MacGregor enters The Daily Edition Cafe to meet his new girlfriend for coffee. Moments later, the cafe is transported 67 million years back in time, along with everyone inside.Time is running out as ten unlikely companions search for a way home, while one member of the group plots to keep them all in the past.Who will survive… (more)

Pyramid Lake by Paul Draker

Genre(s): Thriller, Sci-fi

Maverick genius Trevor Lennox has built the government a perfect lie detector: his talking supercomputer, Frankenstein, can read your hidden secrets right off your face. But when he illegally uses it to help his troubled seven-year-old daughter and his DARPA coworkers start dying in gruesome murders, Trevor finds himself fighting to protect everyone and everything he cares about… (more)

Already Seen by Scott Hughey

Genre(s): Sci-fi

It isn’t every day your wife dies in a car accident, twice. For Nathan Summers, discovering he can reset time, and change the future by focusing on a moment in the past, is easily the best thing to happen to him… this week. Okay, ever.He can’t wait to use his ability to get one-up on his perfect, cocky, and successful brother-in-law, Wade, who’s the kind of son his mother always wished she had. Only, Wade knows all about resetting time, and he warns Nathan that they aren’t the only ones who can do it.Alice, is… (more)

A Masquerade of Saints by Nicole Loughan

Genre(s): Paranormal, Mystery

Small town Cajun Fanchon finds herself in some hot water, along with a few nasty crayfish. The heat gets turned up when she receives an invitation to join New Orleans high society. She’s ready to party until she receives a puzzling message from her favorite psychic to stay alert and wash her hands all night. When the warning seems all but forgotten the phone rings and Fanchon learns she should have been more careful. This adventure takes Fanchon from the bayou to the top of the floats at Mardi Gras with new characters and old friends to help along the… (more)

The Wizard, the Farmer, and the Very Petty Princess by Daniel Fox

Genre(s): Fantasy

The evil undead are marching. As the human kingdoms stand on the brink of extinction, the reluctant farmer Idwal is forced into adventure, shanghaied by a vain princess, tricked out of his money by a cackling miser, and finds much to his surprise that he’s starting to like it all.As he gets swept along he’ll meet reluctant kings, wicked witches, mourning dwarves, and the surprisingly lively undead, as he is caught between the Princess Willuna who seeks to show herself a serious young woman and the wizard Bodolomous who is determined to prove himself The Most Evil Man Alive… (more)

Synthetic by Shonna Wright

Genre(s): Sci-fi

Synthetic designer, Kora Lazar, lives a high-tech, luxurious life as the creator of the world’s most advanced artificial humans, but she longs to remember her past before she awoke at Mirafield ten years ago with amnesia. Her wish is granted a week before her wedding, when her boss and fiance, Randall Williams, packs her off to a dreary gothic castle in Malibu that was once her home. There, she is to perform the first human brain to synthetic body transfer, a procedure that will create the first immortal hybrid and make Mirafield the richest company in the world. The… (more)

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