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  • Big Covers

    If an author cares about the quality of his or her book, they usually invest in a beautiful cover. We want to show off the best book covers in the world

  • Only at Shelfbuzz: Visual Rating Bars

    Only Shelfbuzz lets you see how a book stacks up at a glance with our unique rating bars


Large cover images


How popular the book is on Amazon


How well readers like this book based on their reviews


A combination of the quality of the cover design and how well the book has been edited for grammar & spelling


Most of the books we feature are free. The smaller the bar, the less the book costs. Free books are marked with a blue bar.

More Free Ebooks

Shelfbuzz was founded on the promise to bring you more free ebooks. But not just any free ebooks. Good free ebooks. Shelfbuzz is a website and a free email that showcases handpicked Kindle fiction ebooks available for free or at a deep discount. Every weekday we highlight a different genre. We don’t sell books directly (we leave that to Amazon). Instead we curate an ever-changing selection of quality fiction.

How is Shelfbuzz different than other “daily deal” book websites?

  • Most of the books we feature are free. The ones that aren’t free are almost always between 99¢ and $4.99
  • Most of our books are quality indies. We have nothing against the big publishers. It’s just that they like to price their books higher than $5
  • Only Shelfbuzz has visual rating bars which help you decide, at a glance, if a given book is for you
  • Not only do we judge a book by its cover, we display that cover in a large size so you can judge it as well