Handpicked Kindle Books for Jan 24 2018 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – January 24, 2018

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The Color of Destiny by Julianne MacLean 


Shelfbuzz Score: 9.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction

Eighteen years ago a teenage pregnancy changed Kate Worthington’s life forever. Faced with many difficult decisions, she chose to follow her heart and embrace an uncertain future with the father of her baby and her devoted first love.At the same time, in another part of the world, sixteen-year-old Ryan Hamilton makes his own share of mistakes, but learns important lessons along the way. Twenty years later, Kate’s and Ryan’s paths cross in a way they could never expect, which makes them question the possibility of destiny. Even when all seems hopeless, could it be that everything happens… (more)



One Clown Short by Linda C Wright 


Shelfbuzz Score: 4.1 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Mystery

Mandy Maloney needs a job. She’s had a successful run of flipping burgers at a popular fast food establishment, but the call to higher aspirations and a disapproving mother have finally forced her to flee to the classifieds. Soon she finds herself accepting an unlikely dream job: sales training at a circus supply company with great pay and great benefits, marred only by an aloof, sexist boss and a series of strange, surreal events. After befriending her sane coworkers, Gary and Violet, Mandy begins to find that things are even stranger, and more sinister, than they seem… (more)



Frost by Kate Avery Ellison 


Shelfbuzz Score: 6.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance

In the icy, monster-plagued world of the Frost, one wrong move and a person could end up dead–and Lia Weaver knows this better than anyone.After monsters kill her parents, Lia must keep the family farm running despite the freezing cold and threat of monster attacks or risk losing her siblings to reassignment by the village Elders. With dangers on all sides and failure just one wrong step away, she can’t afford to let her emotions lead her astray. So when her sister finds a fugitive bleeding to death in the forest–a young stranger named Gabe–Lia… (more)



To Kill For by A.J. Carella 


Shelfbuzz Score: 6.5 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Mystery

Families are murder… do you trust yours? Money and a handsome fiance from a good family. What more could a girl want? Jamie McKay appears to have the perfect life but things suddenly start to go horribly wrong. A sudden death and a run in with a would-be killer leave her alone, afraid and a long way from home. Kat McKay, long estranged from her family, returns to the small town she hasn’t been back to since she walked away as a teenager. Determined to find out what happened to her niece she must face the demons from her… (more)



The Lake House Secret, A Romantic Mystery Novel by Debra Burroughs 


Shelfbuzz Score: 8 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Mystery, Romance

With her life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a death in her family. When human remains are discovered not far from town, Jenessa is assigned the story, throwing her into the thick of town drama. Caught between her old boyfriend, with whom she shares a sordid past, and her new love interest, who offers her something she has desperately been wanting, Jenessa is embroiled in a homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger at someone she loves. Can she uncover the truth of this murder before it destroys… (more)



Controlling Her Pleasure by Lili Valente 


Shelfbuzz Score: 8.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Romance, Free

Blake Roberts has everything he’s ever wanted–fame, money, and ownership of the hottest chain of tattoo parlors in the country. But he’s haunted by his first love, his former foster sister, Erin. The matching tattoo they share is a constant reminder of who he was before he learned how to control his emotions, his desire, and a woman’s pleasure.He needs to purge her from his heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be free.Erin Perry’s been burned by love and she’s not ready to put her body under a man’s control, let alone her heart. But… (more)



Getting Out of Hand: Sapphire Falls book one by Erin Nicholas 


Shelfbuzz Score: 7.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Romance, Free

Genius scientist Mason Riley can cure world hunger, impress the media and piss off the Vice President of the United States all before breakfast. But he’s not sure he can get through his high school class reunion.Then he meets the new girl in town.Adrianne Scott loves Sapphire Falls. The sleepy little town has been the perfect place to escape her fast-paced, high stress lifestyle. Her only plans now include opening her candy shop and living a quiet, drama-free life.Until Mason Riley bids four hundred dollars just to dance with her.Mason sure doesn’t look–or… (more)



Swarm by Jon Evans 


Shelfbuzz Score: 6.1 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller

James Kowalski is having a bad week. His genius girlfriend Sophie is hiding something important from him. His best friend Jesse might be involved with drug cartels. And when a research trip goes violently wrong, James finds himself stranded deep in the Colombian jungle, on the run from brutal thugs.But things don’t get truly desperate until he stumbles upon what’s really going on. Because that just might be the end of the world as we know it… (more)



The Seventh Angel by Jeff Edwards 


Shelfbuzz Score: 8.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller

A military revolt in southeastern Russia puts a former hard-line Soviet leader in command of a ballistic missile submarine and its arsenal of nuclear weapons. His goal: re-ignite the communist revolution, and recapture the might and glory of the fallen Soviet Union. Without warning, Russia, Japan, and the United States become hostages in a scheme of international nuclear blackmail. When the warheads start falling and people begin dying, no one can pretend that it’s a bluff.As the earth rushes toward extinction, a lone U. S. Navy warship must penetrate the Siberian ice pack to destroy the submarine… (more)



The Trinity Game by Sean Chercover 


Shelfbuzz Score: 7.5 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller, Paranormal

Daniel Byrne is an investigator for the Vatican’s secretive Office of the Devil’s Advocate–the department that scrutinizes miracle claims. Over ten years and 721 cases, not one miracle he tested has proved true. But case #722 is different; Daniel’s estranged uncle, a crooked TV evangelist, has started speaking in tongues–and accurately predicting the future. Daniel knows Reverend Tim Trinity is a con man. Could Trinity also be something more? The evangelist himself is baffled by his newfound power–and the violent reaction it provokes. After years of scams, he suddenly has the ability to predict everything from natural… (more)



Nine Line by Zachary J. Kitchen 


Shelfbuzz Score: 7.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller, Romance

A nine line is the standard radio format to evacuate casualties from the battlefield. It is a call for help.When Nick Patterson signed up for the Navy reserves, he just wanted some money for medical school. He never imagined he’d someday find himself fighting for life and limb in the sands of Iraq. Frustrated by a military bureaucracy he cannot begin to understand and an increasingly pointless war, he doubts why he is there and what he is doing.When the plucky and idealistic MEDIVAC pilot, Samantha Brown, crashes into his life, he sees another side to the war… (more)



A Dream Fufilled – Settlers of South Park – Book 1 by r. William Rogers 


Shelfbuzz Score: 6.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Western, Religious

Life on the eastern Kansas plains in the 1850s was tenuous at best. Add to that, marauding bands of thieving Comanches, and a fella would start having notions of moving his clan the heck out of there. With the biggest part of his cattle having been taken by the thieving redskins, Jacob Clarkson and his family load as much of of their household belongings as they can into a couple of prairie schooners and set out on a journey in hopes of relocating the once prosperous cattle ranching endeavor to the high mountain grasslands of present day Colorado. The journey… (more)