Handpicked Kindle Books for Nov 1 2018 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – November 1, 2018

Happy November, Shelfbuzzers. Here’s today’s list of handpicked books (all under $5 at the time of posting, some marked as free). Have a great day!

The Girl in the Letter: The most gripping, heartwrenching page-turner of the year by Emily Gunnis

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller

A heartbreaking letter. A girl locked away. A mystery to be solved.1956. When Ivy Jenkins falls pregnant she is sent in disgrace to St Margaret’s, a dark, brooding house for unmarried mothers. Her baby is adopted against her will. Ivy will never leave. Present day. Samantha Harper is a journalist desperate for a break. When she stumbles on a letter from the past, the contents shock and move her. The letter is from a young mother, begging to be rescued from St Margaret’s. Before it is too late. Sam is pulled into the tragic story and discovers a spate… (more)

Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller, Romance

Hide. That’s all Pippa can do to escape the terror chasing her. But now that she’s off the grid in a safe house, she finds plenty of interesting things to watch through the window. Like her new neighbor, with his startling green eyes, killer smile, and sexy bad-boy tattoo… Run. Malcolm West is fleeing the hell he unleashed in his last assignment as an undercover cop. A backwoods bungalow sounds like the perfect place to start over. Until he discovers he’s been set up… Fight. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to bring them together. No matter how… (more)

Shadow on the Crown: A Novel by Patricia Bracewell

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Mystery, Historical

A rich tale of power and forbidden love revolving around a young medieval queen. In 1002, fifteen-year-old Emma of Normandy crosses the Narrow Sea to wed the much older King Athelred of England, whom she meets for the first time at the church door. Thrust into an unfamiliar and treacherous court, with a husband who mistrusts her, stepsons who resent her and a bewitching rival who covets her crown, Emma must defend herself against her enemies and secure her status as queen by bearing a son. Determined to outmaneuver her adversaries, Emma forges alliances with influential men at… (more)

Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.6 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Fantasy, Paranormal

Politics and power. Demons and spirits. When ex-Pinkerton detective Samuel Hunter married Elizabeth Weldsmore, the heir to one of Boston’s Great Houses, he knew his life would change forever, but he never expected the return of Elizabeth’s psychic abilities. Not only do they have to keep it a secret, but Elizabeth must learn quickly how to master them. For a psychic in a Great House is a political liability which her father, Jonathan Weldsmore, knows only too well. As the Great Houses jockey for power, the three of them must contend with treachery, subterfuge, and potentially a new demonic… (more)

Peony Red: A Contemporary Romance Novel by J. Lynn Bailey

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Romance

Three years ago, Alex Fisher lost her husband and since then, she hasn’t been able to find her stride. She’s out of a job, out of time, and running on fumes. When she receives a personal invitation to visit the picturesque town of Granite Harbor, Maine, she jumps at the chance to start fresh. For game warden Eli Young, life is simpler when he’s exploring the back roads of Maine. In the north woods, he doesn’t have to deal with town politics or his soon-to-be ex-wife. But a chance meeting with a brokenhearted newcomer leaves him tangled… (more)

Catacombs by Addison Cain

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Fantasy, Horror

There is no God for you but me. There is no heaven waiting for you. I own your soul and your body. I own your mind. I am your life and your only reason for existence.”Catacombs is a tale of pure horror featuring the ruling vampire lord and his captive Treasure. Be warned… (more)

Coulsons Wife by Anna J. McIntyre

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Historical

The beginning of the Coulson Empire, 1918:Mary Ellens father didnt trade her for a house-exactly. Marrying the wealthy and handsome Randall Coulson is not something Mary Ellen wants to do, but being the obedient daughter she agrees to the marriage.Randall Coulson wants Mary Ellen for one reason-to give him sons. He has no desire to form a bond of love or friendship with his young bride. His own heart is already taken.A bittersweet story of love, lies and family secrets, taking place during a turbulent period of American history, when the perception of women and… (more)

MURDER IN MIND a gripping crime mystery full of twists by FAITH MARTIN

Shelfbuzz Score: 6.6 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Mystery

Seventy-five-year-old Sylvia Perkins was found battered to death in her home in 2010. The murder weapon was suspected to be a fire poker and it seems she was quite popular with older gentlemen. Her grandson Robbie inherited everything, but he can’t be placed at the scene of the crime. WHO KILLED THIS HARMLESS OLD WOMAN AND WHY? AND WHAT SECRETS WAS SHE HIDING? Hillary also has a new boss and a baffling cold case to contend with, not to mention a marriage proposal to consider. Hillary Greene has returned to Thames Valley Police HQ, acting as a… (more)

Hard Vacuum 1 by Simon Cantan

Shelfbuzz Score: 6.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Sci-fi, Free

The Eighties are back. A science-fiction series as over-the-top as the best Eighties action movies ever were. Kyra Sarin has survived five years of the hardest fighting mankind has ever seen. On her way back to Earth, to finally see her children again, the space station she stops at is taken over by terrorists. Its the last mistake theyre ever going to make… (more)

Talisman by S E Akers

Shelfbuzz Score: 5.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Fantasy, Paranormal

They say a diamond is a girls best friend… but sometimes, its her destiny.When strangers sweep in to save Shiloh Wallaces rural West Virginia town, she soon realizes her humdrum “human” life will never be the same. The unnerving telepathic event rocks the suspicious high school senior with questions that leaves her desperately seeking the truth. With freak occurrences mounting at every turn, Shiloh finds herself barreling down an unimaginable path that ultimately leads to her destiny. She is a Talisman, an elemental supernatural being who can wield powers drawn from ancient stones that grant her abilities beyond her… (more)