Handpicked Kindle Books for Dec 4 2018 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – December 4, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Shelfbuzzers. Here’s today’s list of handpicked books (all under $5 at the time of posting, some marked as free). Enjoy!

Wilderness Trail of Love by Dorothy Wiley

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Historical, Romance

Will Stephens dream cost him what he values most–Janes love? His courage is undaunted, her passion is deep, but the wilderness is full of terror. Two lives, one great love, torn apart by a frightening wilderness that challenges everything Stephen and Jane care about. A robust blend of adventure and action, heartache and humor, with romance and passion… (more)

A Question of Honor by Jim Koehler

Shelfbuzz Score: 8.1 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Historical

Retired Law professor and sometime amateur sleuth, Roger Trapp, receives a provocative email at his Denver apartment from Sir Reginald Smythe. The man is an old teaching colleague in England who is on a mission to restore to his family lineage, an RAF pilot who Sir Reginald feels was unfairly “drummed out of the family.” The man died over 50 years earlier in a U2 plane crash in the United States. Sir Reginald is now in need of someone in the U. S. to ascertain the pilot’s activities up until his death. He knows Roger has the integrity, intelligence and… (more)

No Refuge by Warren Williams

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.9 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller

Oklahoma wildlife photographer, Jim Cutter, had nothing more in mind than getting a decent image of a hungry coyote. Instead, a different kind of predator, a hired killer, appeared in his viewfinder; and a cold-blooded murder was captured in startling color on a digital memory card.Even though the photographer was well-hidden, his pickup was not. When the killer spotted the vehicle, he correctly assumed he had a witness and began searching the area. Cutter suddenly became the prey and like the animals he photographed, was forced to use the tall grasses of the wildlife refuge to evade… (more)

Dark Visions by Jonas Saul

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Thriller

Eighteen-year-old Sarah Roberts experiences blackouts. When she wakes, notes are written in her own hand. Prophecies. Dark Visions. Future events with dire consequences only she can avert.Sarah is an Automatic Writer who suffers from a rare obsessive-compulsive disorder called, trichotillomania.She receives a message that details a kidnapping and what she can do to stop it. She has averted kidnappings before. The notes are quite specific. Shes convinced this one wont be that hard.But things go wrong when the kidnappers recognize her. People are killed. Witnesses place Sarah at the scene. The police find her… (more)

The Broken Sky: A Paranormal Dark Fantasy Adventure by Andrew P. Mayer

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.6 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Paranormal, Thriller

Betsey’s life was pure disappointment until an angel tumbled out from a crack in the sky.Betsey Weisz dreamed of being a fashion designer in New York, but instead she’s a failure: the cashier at a run-down diner off the Jersey Turnpike. When she hoped for a different and better life, she never dreamed that things would take a dramatic and permanent turn for the weird. First came the explosion of cosmic lightning over the parking lot. Before she knew it, the blast transformed a geriatric gangster into a spider-monster with a taste for souls – especially Betsey’s. Lucky… (more)

Legacy Code: by Autumn Kalquist

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Sci-fi

A brutal conspiracy threatens humanity’s survival. Three hundred years ago, the Earth died, and the last humans fled. Beaten. Broken in more ways than one. But there was something they couldn’t leave behind: The Legacy Code — mangled genes that force them to abort half their unborn children. When Era and Dritan Corinth get placements on the safest ship in the fleet and win a chance to have a child, they feel lucky. Until the day Era’s supposed to find out if her baby has the Defect, and the ship suffers a hull breach. An investigation uncovers new threats: Dangerous secrets… (more)

The Lost Fleet: Galactic Search: A Slaver Wars Novel by Raymond L. Weil

Shelfbuzz Score: 7.2 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Sci-fi

The battle at the galactic center had been a great victory for the Federation and the Alliance. But it had tremendous costs. The Battleship Avenger and her fleets had vanished being drawn into a great white vortex at the moment of victory. For over four years, the mystery of what had happened to the Avenger had haunted the Federation. The last two survivors of the Special Five have built a powerful exploration cruiser to go off in search of the lost fleets. They are convinced that the fleets have survived and are trapped in another galaxy. What they find in… (more)

Lynnas Rogue by Kitty Margo

Shelfbuzz Score: 6.7 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Historical, Romance, Free

On a voyage to America from her beloved France, Lynna’s innocence is captured by the very captain who had sworn to protect her. Since his mere touch leaves her spellbound by an unwavering desire for the dashing rogue, she would have been content to spend the remainder of her nights nestled in his strong arms. Unfortunately, due to events beyond their control, when the ship docks in Charleston, SC they part as enemies. Years pass, but neither has been successful at forgetting the other. When they again meet face to face and old desires are at once rekindled, Lynna is… (more)

Afterlife or Bust by June Mayes

Shelfbuzz Score: 6 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Romance, Paranormal

Lizzie is making the best of her life, er afterlife. Shes working hard being a doctor to all things supernatural and for the most part has managed to behave. With her daytime watcher in tow and a very enticing Master Vampire turning up the heat of their romance, things couldnt be better.Of course things could get worse and do. Being killed again was not part of Lizzies agenda and having to navigate the politics of all things that go bump in the night is just icing on the afterlife cake. But Lizzie has plans. Shes going to make her… (more)

Tease by Renee Swann

Shelfbuzz Score: 5.5 (out of 10)

Genre(s): Romance

A playboy by nature. A romantic at heart? Tony Davies leads an unextraordinary life of ladies and simple pleasures. Hes quite content to continue down this pleasurable path for ever–until he moves in with his best mate Gabby. And he realises just what hes been missing out on.Tonys world is tipped sideways by Gabbys offer for him to move in. Seeing her in a different light, unsatisfied with her love life–or lack thereof–he cant help but ponder giving up his playboy status, for a chance to make her happy. After all, he does love a snarky… (more)