Handpicked Kindle Books for Apr 18 2017 Judged by Their Covers

Today’s Picks – Best Handpicked Kindle eBooks – Romance Tuesday

Here are our eBook picks for Tuesday, April 18. Today we’re featuring romance books.

Starr’s Awakening & Hearths of Fire by Kennedy Layne

Genre(s): Romance

Catori Starr has been lost in a crippling grief since losing her husband, Red. Since learning he went MIA on a rescue mission abroad, she has existed more than lived. She’s a shell of who she used to be. Restarting Red Starr HRT is a last-ditch opportunity to overcome her pain–and keep her husband’s legacy alive. With a team of cherry-picked men, she must now decide if she’s willing to set aside a years-old grief to begin a new life filled with the potential of fated dreams… or deadly peril… (more)

Billionaire Biker: Bad Boy Alpha Motorcycle Romance by Lexy Timms

Genre(s): Romance

I look at you and I see the rest of my life in your eyes. I’ll love you. Forever.Katie’s not the usual rich girl and Morgan’s not your typical biker. The two collide at a bar, and again after Morgan leaves the scene of a terrible crime.Falling for one another is inevitable, but when the truth of who Katie is comes out, will it change everything… (more)

Reckless by Maggie Shayne

Genre(s): Romance

True Crime Writer Toni Rio follows a wise guy straight from his brief stint behind bars to his execution in a dirty alley. When his two killers see her witnessing their gruesome work, she runs, but she doesn’t get far.FBI agent Nick Manelli has to keep his cover intact and keep the sexy witness alive, and there’s only one way he can think of to do both. He has to kidnap her… (more)

The Truth: His Side, Her Side, and The Truth About Falling in Love by Christina C Jones

Genre(s): Romance

There’s no such thing as a right time to fall in love. It happens, or it doesn’t. Possible to fake, but not force. Impossible to simply wish away. This is the path that hero and heroine find themselves on. Neither of them quite ready to entertain the idea of dating, let alone love… but they can’t seem to avoid each other either. He calls it “fate”. She calls it “crazy”. Maybe neither of them is wrong. When pretense is stripped away, and feelings – good, bad, and ugly – are laid bare, all they’re left with is their truth. It’s up to… (more)

Late Night Confessions: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance by Mia Madison

Genre(s): Romance

I’m a 22 year-old woman, and I’ve never been with a man. But that all changes tomorrow night. The moment I post those words at an anonymous online forum, I regret it. Messages flood my inbox with propositions and inappropriate pictures. Except for one man. He goes by TJ, and all he writes is “why? ” And I don’t really have an answer for why I want to get it over with. As TJ and I talk from dusk till dawn, I realize how much better it would be to wait until I meet the right man. A man like… (more)

Grace and Mercy by Chance Carter

Genre(s): Romance

I’m looking for trouble… and I think I found her! I’m Hollywood’s hottest bad boy. I have no trouble getting girls to drop their panties… and that’s the problem. When you’re looking for the thrill of the chase, it’s no fun when they just jump in your lap. I’m past looking for a quick lay. Give me a challenge. Give me a real woman. A woman who knows who she is. A woman who knows what she wants. And that’s where Reagan steps in. She’s no pushover. She knows how to take a man to the very limits of pleasure… (more)

Dear Life by Meghan Quinn

Genre(s): Romance

Four lives. Four stories. Four sets of letters. Four brave souls in need of guidance while facing life’s greatest challenges. The anonymously published Dear Life program is designed to help them step outside of their comfort zones, face their obstacles, and relinquish their demons… and prove their existence. With their lives teetering between wanting more and losing it all, all four souls dive into the program as a New Year’s resolution, sending them on a crazy, life-altering journey. Dear Life, Please be kind. Yours truly, Hollyn, Jace, Daisy, and Carter… (more)

He’s the Man: The Alexanders, Book 3 by M. Malone

Genre(s): Romance

He’s never been afraid of anything. Until one devastating night in Iraq changes his world forever. Matt Simmons is done with Army doctors. But when his sister nags him to see their old babysitter, a sought after physical therapist, he gives in just to get some peace. Penelope Lewis finally has her life in order. She’s got a great career as a physical therapist and the settled suburban life she longs for. All she has to do is stay away from the wrong type of guys, which means NO military men. When Matt realizes his old babysitter is h-o… (more)

Heart & Soul: a contemporary romantic suspense by Lee Strauss

Genre(s): Thriller, Romance

Gabriele Baumann-Smith is deliriously in love with her young husband Lennon.Except, it turns out that Lennon Smith isn’t his real name. In fact, he’s full of secrets: a cottage on the southern British coast, an old girlfriend and… an identical twin brother.Callum Jones–not his real name–can’t believe his brother’s widow came to England. He’d warned Mick–Lennon–that an inheritance could put the girl’s life in danger, and he was right.”Mrs. Smith” is the last thing Callum needs to worry about right now. She’s beautiful, sure, takes his breath away at times. But when… (more)

The Memoir of Johnny Devine by Camille Eide

Genre(s): Romance, Historical

Love can’t rewrite the pages of your past, but it can cover a multitude of sins — one page at a time. In 1953, desperation forces war widow, Eliza Saunderson, to take a job writing the memoir of ex-Hollywood heartthrob, Johnny Devine. Rumor has it Johnny can seduce anything in a skirt quicker than he can hail a cab. But now, the notorious womanizer claims he’s born again. And so he seems to be. Eliza soon finds herself falling for the humble, grace-filled man John has become — a man who shows no sign of returning her feelings. No sign… (more)

The Left of Love by Love Belvin

Genre(s): Romance

She’s from a lakeside suburb, padded by two parents, an overindulgent godmother, and all the amenities of affluence they can provide her. But that’s not enough. Kennedi wants to experience the full benefits of her femininity at the tender age of twenty-one, a task she takes on at college, and one she’s more than determined to fulfill. He’s an aspiring entertainer from the dark side of the inner city. Survival for Isaak is very much an option he plans to conquer. He has to make it out of his impossible circumstances, and sacrifice is definitely the name of the… (more)

Not Quite Forever by Catherine Bybee

Genre(s): Romance

Romance author Dakota Laurens believes that happily-ever-afters exist only between the covers of her sexy novels. But to her surprise, she finds a real-life hero when she meets a handsome emergency room doctor. The outspoken author feels an instant and intense attraction to Dr. Walt Eddy, and the feeling is mutual. When the globetrotting doctor pulls a disappearing act on Dakota, she’s prepared to write him off…until fate brings a blindsiding twist to her story.Still scarred from a past tragedy, Walt may have disappeared on Dakota, but now he’s determined to win her back. For… (more)

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